Sports: Is it Fun or Business?

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 Sports: Is it Fun or Business?

Do you think a sport is for fun? The answer is probably no! Yes there exists a time where sports is fully for fun until the sportsmen was inspired for money. This money makes sports as a business., Some sites have online sportsbook that you can bet in online sports.Now let us see the sport as business in detail, in various fields relevant to sports.

Business in cricket:

IT is one of the most common sports among all in the world but there exist business in this cricket too! Buthow? The answer is it is due to Match fixing and spot fixing.

 Match fixing occurs as it is a match is played completely with pre determined results of that match. In match fixing the players have been individually approached by book makers and bribes to violate the rules of the game. Match fixing is fixed in all aspects (Including toss) of cricket game.

In Spot fixing the fixing is made during the matches. In spot fixing the player are made to bowl a no ball, wide or even to loss their wicket. Spot fixing in international cricket first came to prominence in the 2010 Pakistan tour to England.

This Fixings happens in one day internationals, test crickets and now a days in twenty- twenty too .A ban is issued by International cricket council for the players who indulge in these fixings.

Some records for these match fixings are

  • Shane Warne positive test for banned Drug, 2003.
  • Pakistan Ball Tampering against England, 2006.
  • Bob Woolmer death in 2007 a few hours later of Pakistan lost to Ireland. Some says he died due to heart attack, but the news says he is murdered. But still now the real cause is not published.
  • Pakistani players Salman butt, Muhammad asif and Muhammad Amir Spotted for spot fixing in London in the year 2010.
  • Sreesanth (India) lifetime ban who is acquitted from spot fixing in the year this the list goes on….

This clearly shows that there is some business in cricket too. Apart from these fixings there exists betting too.

Business in FOOT BALL:

Foot ball is also one of the most common games among many youngsters worldwide. Match fixings take place a vital role in this sport also .these fixings exists in football from the year 1980. Some of the most common football scandals are:

  • 1988 Mexican national football scandal were four over aged persons are made to play in under 20 matches knowingly.
  • Bundesliga scandal in the year 2005-madlung who made crucial 80th minute own goal, He came as a substitute for 4minutes.
  • 2006 Italian scandal in football.
  • The Armenian champions FC who refused to play with Azerbaijani team in commonwealth of independent states cup 2006.
  • More than 60 peoples where suspected who involve in 2011 Turkish sport corruption scandal.
  • Olympiakos F.C owner EvangelosMarinakis along with Greek foot ball member 173-page work corruption was revealed along with telephone tapping in 2015 Greek football scandal.
  • 14 peoples where accused for match fixing scandal in 2015 FIFA corruption case by United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This record shows the business in the sport foot ball.There exists online sports gambling

Business in other Sports:

  • Match fixing and spot fixings not only happens in cricket and football. It is also common in Baseball, Boxing, Ice-Hockey, Rugby scandal, Motor sport scandal, Tennis scandal, Sumo wrestling, Golf.
  • Scandals also plays a vital role in Olympic games.2002 winter Olympic bid scandal is the proof for that.
  • Horse Racing is also considered to be as the one of the biggest business in sports.

From these proofs and examples it is clearly shown that sport is not for fun and it is only for business.

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