Lottery: A Good or Bad Idea?

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Lottery online is becoming more and more popular these days almost all over the world. But along with the said popularity, there are also increasing arguments with regards to the fact that playing lottery is not a good idea to ever be considered. In fact, the arguments whether a lottery is good or bad continue to rise as well through the passing of more days. However, in general, majority of individuals would conclude that lottery is indeed not a great idea at all.
There are as well numbers of reasons why lottery is not a good idea. There are numbers of negative factors which are associated with lottery. Lottery is also considered by majority as one among the negative factors which will just waste your money, develops the habit of being greedy and might as well harm life during a long term.
Lottery is considered as a game wherein a person out of almost millions would be picked randomly and once considered lucky will then win the money. In simple words, it is considered as a game wherein your chance will be based on your luck. But, people might as well win lots of money from this lottery that could also be beneficial in fulfilling their needs. It might include buying food, clothes and things needed in everyday life. Regardless of all these things, still lottery would waste money since the idea of winning great amount or even a smaller amount might lead to obsession with playing it again and again. And this will lead to becoming poor just by wasting the money you have to play in lottery.
Addiction plays big role once into the idea of playing lotteries. People would begin with playing ones just to see their luck and once it works they would want to play again and so win more money. The idea would make them addictive in terms of placing higher bets on lotteries therefore spending more money as well. Betting might as well have negative effects into the physical, mental and emotional help. Once they get very greedy, there would be possibilities of attacking and harming others. And there are numbers of risks and threats associated with playing lottery making it indeed not a good idea to be considered by individuals these days.
There is also a fact that most of the people that are lottery are those that are less educated and those having less income. Why? It is simply because of the idea that they would rely into their luck hoping that lottery will be their way of becoming rich. But, they aren’t realizing that they are just wasting their money and they are just becoming more and more addicted with lottery. In fact, there are numbers of families that are suffering too much poverty since the little wages they have earned will be spent for lottery tickets. And again for the reason that they are hoping that luck will be on their favor.
Lottery definitely has numbers of harmful effects compared with good effects that it could offer to numbers of individuals, families or countries. Once you are to engage yourself with lottery, you might feel the happiness or you might have the luck, but unfortunately numbers of disadvantages will also be experienced since the chance of losing might be higher compared with the chance of winning. And once you are already considered to be addicted with playing lottery, it might already be a cycle in your life. That’s why, there is a need for everyone to understand first the importance and use of their money within a wise and productive manner and so must not be dependent on luck or fate. In general, gambling or playing lottery, despite some of the good things it offers, will always be a bad idea that most of us should avoid.

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