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Lottery is a type of gambling in fact I should say lottery is a type of fun gambling kind of a game that almost all of us like to play and very often we have played as well. We often hear that someone gets richer over night. Is that possible? Yes it is. Lottery is a way to get rich over night but you got to have a good luck charm for that without it is impossible. There are many kinds of lotteries and there are many ways to play it. To explain lottery as a type of gambling we first of all need to know what is gambling. Gambling is a fun doing thing in the leisure time which people love to play particularly of the western countries. This is one type of gambling which is a kind of physical game play, however there are so many other types of gambling as well which include betting etc. The word lottery has become so popular around the world that people are used to say it in replacement of the word luck. For example instead of saying you have got a good luck people are used to of saying that you might have won a lottery. Gambling not only involves short games but the bigger games as well. The short games involve the games like roulette or spin wheel which gives instant prizes or money and the other involve the long games like the sports etc on which bigger bets are done and resulting amount is much larger than anyone’s expectations. Gambling is in a much proper form in the entire western and European countries and there are proper gambling control boards in those countries to have a check and balance on it in a proper way. Nowadays the word gambling has much more replaced with the word gaming for example in UK the board or commission that controls the gambling is called as the Gaming commission instead of gambling commission, and this is because of the new modern world of the computer ages. Gambling is considered to be a larger commercial activity involving a bigger economy of the state, on an estimation there is around $335 billion been invested in the gambling in 2009. These days it is very difficult to distinguish between games and gambling because the gambling involves all the games and all the games involve gambling and betting. The origin for the gambling and games in considered being the Europe and China which base the modern casinos of today. As the gambling involves the major portion of the economy of the state or country so taxation from the government is involved also. There are some countries or states which have banned gambling where it is not legal to play games in casinos. Now if we talk about religious perspectives we can see that different religions have different opinions in it, some say it totally unethical and unlawful to play gambling, including the lotteries even, however some say nothing about it. Gambling is such a wide thing to discuss now because it includes a lot of games out of which some are casino games and some are non casino games, the casino games include all the games which are played in the casinos and the non casino games include the cards, carnivals and coin tossing etc. Other involves the betting games and the betting can be done on the sports games as well as the other games. Gambling also involves the gamble on stocks, bonds and real estate etc. So whether talking about lottery or gambling all are same in different scenarios.

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