Football – Golden Boot

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           Football is the most favorite game of almost every single human in and around the world. This is the game which is played ever since 1170. There are many important and interesting facts present regarding the origin and evolution of the game Football.

             This game was first started to play in the England which is still in practice. It can also be treated as one of the most ancient games, which is still played in a way which is quite different from olden days. People from olden days liked very much to kick and run along with the ball.

              They used to play with a ball which is formed with the help of animal bladder. Not only the England people, the people of china have also played this game in early 3rd Century itself. They used to play with a leather ball which is filled with feathers and hairs.

              And thus, it is clear now why people are so crazy about playing and even watching football. The root cause for the popularity of this game was England. They started playing this crazily by the year 1300. And that led the game to be banned for a while by the king of England as they never concentrated on archery practice while they were about to face a war.

            There were many different kinds of obstacles right from the beginning. Even then this game managed to grab and hold every single one’s heart. This game was not so popular among common people who were unable to afford.

            During olden days, there was no rules and regulations followed. Even 1000 players were allowed to play. Also, the players were allowed to beat their opponent and even their private properties. This became quite popular among the students who study in public schools. This is where some rules and regulations were introduced in the game which was decided at the University of Cambridge.

               This is actually a male sport which was also played by women from the 19th Century itself. This paved the way for building the football associations. There are certain rules and regulations which were started to follow ever since.

               There were many different kinds of awards were given to the best players of every game. The most prestigious award is the Golden Boot which will be given for those who secure more goals of the FIFA world cup which will be conducted between international teams. The first award was given in the year 1982, which was given in the name of Golden Shoe. This award will be given only to one every time. There will be tie-breaking given to the players to prove themselves.

              Same way, there is an award called Golden Glove which will be given to the one who is the best goalkeeper in that particular tournament. This award was first introduced by the year 1994. This was given in accordance with the performance which they have given so far. And the interesting fact is, the goalkeepers are also eligible for the Golden Ball too.

              Likewise, there are awards which will be given to the best young player. Likewise, there are many different kinds of awards has been given to the players of this great football. Thus, these are the main important things which you must keep in your mind regarding the game football and the awards which made everyone to play well every time. Through this, you will be able to know about the reasons for the popularity of this game which made almost everyone go crazy about it, which is the best part about this.

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