E-games: Love of every teenagers

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In early 1960’s the teenagers do not have much technologies as of now to spend their leisure time. What they will do in their leisure time is simply hung out with friends and relatives, occasionally to movies, listening songs in radio .they won’t spend their time like nowadays children in watching television even though television exist those days they won’t spend their  time because there won’t be enough entertainment program as of now. Moreover their aim is focussed in part time jobs.

Later in 1970 slowly the technology started spreading among the youths but they were not that much digital, only VCR’s and video cassettes exists those days but it spreads among the youths of those days rapidly because at that time there was no mobile phones to chit chat with friends or playing video games.

 At those days video games exists but it was not familiar among the youths. The golden age of video games started from 1976-1982.

Later in 1980’s gaming computer, online games and LCD games emerged but this generation was affected by early second generation video consoles among the youths.

Then in later 1992 Electronic games (E-games) was founded by interactive entertainment industries. Some of the internally developed E-games those days are The Dracula files, Burger Island, puzzle city etc…. but these e-games were not popular among youngsters since they are not much aware of internet at those days .

Slowly e-games fever emerged among youngsters. They started loving it and get more addicted on it.   In September 2005 release of “BOSS HUNTER: REVENGE IS SWEET” this game is designed at that the player will play an role of an employee who will chase his boss and hit him with wide range of weapons which are available in office.

Then teenagers get addicted in E-games in present due to following reasons:

  • E-games provide a relaxation and divert their minds from hurdles which they face in their day to day life.
  • Most of the youngsters get addicted to the game since their friends are doing it.
  • In order to get more rewards, gamer points and levelling up than their friends as an competitor in E-games.
  • Since these games are cheaper teenagers get more addicted in E-games.
  • E-games are the perfect escapes for teens who are suffering in their schools/colleges/workspace.
  • They can chitchat with their friends in online and play as a same team members or competitor.
  • Teenagers will struggle talking to girls face to face but in E-games all physical barriers are getting low, since they too have a same mindset in E-games.
  • If they couldn’t play outside due to climate or some other reasons E-games helps them to overcome that through LAN parties or social gathering.
  • There exists dominance among teens.

Advantages of E-games among teens:

  • It is much easier to play E-games with their friends in any part of world.
  • Since it is social able teens can play from anywhere.
  • It makes teens more intellectual by using their clever strategy in beating up the opponents.
  • Some E-games can be educational and acts as an exercise for brain.
  • It improves the eye-hand-co-ordination for playing some fast games.
  • It improves the reaction time and improves the time for thinking quick

Disadvantage of E-games among teens:

  • It isolates teens from their families and friends by playing it for long time.
  • Constant use of eyes and hands causes many physical problems.
  • E-games do not require physical activity so it makes teens unfit.
  • More addiction on E-games leads to waste of time in their life.
  • Sometimes these addictions cause to spend our money on.
  • Some inappropriate content can divert the minds of teen.

There exist advantages and disadvantages in E-games so teens should limit their time in these E-games. And they should use their time in appropriate way.

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