E-games: is it the reason why we forgot playground?

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On hearing the word ‘Game’, the older generation will think about something that requires physical work and something like energy, sweating, relaxation, and tiredness will also come to mind. But for younger generations the first thing that will strike the mind is something like the clash of clans or assassins creed or GTA or NFS or anything like that. Nowadays electronic gaming is important of the daily of children and many youngsters. In the olden days, parents tried to prevent their children from playing outside for a long time in a sunny or rainy day. But nowadays parents requesting their children to go out and play. With the advent of modern gaming gadgets, children have become lazy and forgot the playgrounds. Even games which were used to play on playground also now available electronically. Availability these sports games further block the children from going to the playground to play their favourite sport. There are lots of real time combat games available online which allows a player to play with any other player anywhere in the world. This will create a competitive mind set among the children and which will encourage the bad behaviour among some kids. Some of such online games will also encourage the conversation outside the game among the players. This sometimes will result in the relations with a person having bad behaviour. But luckily many of these games have the option to mute, block such conversations.

Many of the games have in-game purchases will tempt the children to steal their parent’s money that is these in-game purchases attract the addicted children which will results in the purchase of those options by children without the knowledge of their parents using their debit and credit cards. These games will also cause damage to the eye and affect the vision. These games also cause extreme addiction and cause lack of social interaction. A lot of children who get addicted to gaming are likely to neglect or avoid talking to their parents these interns affect the personal relationships. Many games promote violence among the children and this will make the children indulge in violence in real life too. Gaming addiction has physical symptoms include insomnia, change in sleeping pattern, headache, red eye, weight gain, as well as psychological symptoms like lack interest in academic activities, over frustration and anxiety when they can’t access the game, lack of communication skill, not in control while playing the game. But e-gaming not at all have only bad things. But it also has many advantages too. Many games found to sharpen the kids brain. Many virtual games develop skills like driving, shooting, which are helpful in real life too.

The modern globalized world makes many working persons be alone from their family. This will lead to stress and they can’t play any game solely. In such case e-gaming help them to play with their family and friends anywhere across the globe. This helps the isolated person to connect with the world. Though we have advantages, it is true that these gaming makes us lazy and forgot the playground. Parents should be aware of this kind of addictions and they should not give a mobile phone or any gaming gadgets to their children for a long time. The persons who are addicted should monitor themselves how long they spend time on playing a particular game. Gradually reduce the time that they playing, replace the gaming time with real sports, making time out locks in gaming device will also helpful. Avoid thinking about the game, make a busy daily schedule. Come out of the virtual world and live the real.

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