A Brief History of Bingo

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By about the year of 1530, a lottery game called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’ Italia” was being played in Italia. While in eighteenth century France playing cards, the calling out of numbers and tokens were added. And in the time of nineteenth century a game like what I told you earlier was widely played by many in Germany just because they want to teach children a multiplication tables, a spelling and animal names. Fascinating right?

In the year 1778, the French game Le Lotto appeared and excelled. It features twenty seven squares in a lay out of three rows and nine columns so there are five squares in each row and it has numbers ranging from one through ninety, which led to the modern design we are all familiar with! This is very interesting.

The business of Bingo is primarily staged by churches or charity organizations especially in United States. Their stakes and legality only vary by state regulation. In some places and states, the halls where bingo is being held are rented out on sponsoring organizations and such halls often run bingo games almost everyday! While commercial bingo games in the United States are primarily and usually offered by Casinos mostly in the state of Nevada, online casino and by Native American bingo halls.

Some of the bingo halls are sometimes linked or have been connected together in a network just to provide alternative winning structures and a bigger prizes. Also, bingo games has been the basis in some online games sold through licensed lotteries. The draw which is daily or weekly is normally broadcast on television. So yeah, this is so exciting!

But these games I am talking about offer higher prizes that are obviously and frankly more difficult to win. This game, bingo logic is frequently and usually used on scratch card games. The numbers are pre-drawn for each and every card and also it is hidden until the card is ready to be scratched. In some lotteries that has been working with online networks, the price is electronically confirmed to avoid fraud based on physical fixing.

And there is a man named Hugh J. Ward, in the early 1920 he standardized and formalize the games we now see at carnivals and most specially around Pittsburgh and in the area of Western Pennsylvania area. After this he copyrighted it and also published a rule book in the year 1933. Thanks to Hugh J. Ward!

But this game was further popularized and faddish by a man named Edwin Lowe was at a traveling carnival near Atlanta in December year 1929, the toy merchandiser which is Edwin Lowe saw and witness people eagerly playing a game they called “Beano” following Ward’s rules with a rubber stamp, dried beans and card board sheets. Edwin Lowe took and bring this exciting game back to New York where his friends liked playing it. The Lowe produced Bingo game had two versions. First is, a twelve card set for one dollar and a two dollars set with twenty four cards. By the 1940’s there were Bingo games everywhere and probably throughout the United States. So, Shout out to Americans out there and big thanks to Edwin Lowe!

If you are going to ask what is the origin of the word Bingo well, the answer is unknown but the origin of the term Bingo may date to the middle of 1920’s. There were many claims that one of Edwin Lowe’s friends was super and very excited to have won that she yelled out the word “Bingo!” instead of “Beano” or that the word echoes the sound of a bell. Well, we can’t blame Edwin Lowe’s friend because winning in a Bingo is super fun and truly shocking!

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